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been highly critical of chevron following that recent mass ive fire at the refinery. ktvu has learned that the city will reach out to chevron hoping that the oil company will help revitalize the area. the city council is expected to make that request later this week in a story you will only see on 2. >> reporter: look in downtown richmond and you will see the signs, richmond welcomes lbnl. a major gift that the city wants to build upon with chevron. >> we're urging chevron to help create a research campus in richmond most particularly at marina bay because that's where berkeley labs are coming in. >> reporter: tom butts says the idea is with lawrence berkeley labs and chevron marina bay could become a mayor green tech center instead of what it is. a collection of empty office buildings but says it would help the city and chevron. >> have a presence here in richmond beyond just refining. >> reporter: one significant tenant at the bay is chevron. chevron intended a major presence but that changed after a plan to modernize the refinery got stuck in the courts. in a written statement, che
stealing a gun that was inside. >>> chevron said it filed suit in superior court yesterday. earlier this year a county appeals board rejected chevron's appeal of the 2007- 2009 property tax bill and it ordered the company to pay $27 million more in taxes. a chevron spokesperson tells ktvu the company is currently in mediation over a tax assessment going back to 2004 and is hopeful for a fair settlement. >>> a while fire in mendecino county has burned through five structures. it's called the flim fire. it started yesterday afternoon and has burned through 300 acres. firefighters say most of the land is commercial timber property. but about 20 structures are in potential danger. now we just checked for the latest information from calfire, the agency says this fire is 25% contained. >>> investigators are still in the scene of a fire that destroyed three homes. the fire started about 5:00 last night near highway 116 and highway 101. near cotati. the fire left several people homeless including a couple that was supposed to get married this weekend. investigators are still trying to figur
. the chevron refinery fire in richmond is producing at a reduced capacity a chevron pipeline that moves crude oil from northern california was recently shut down. >> over the last week or so there has been a couple other problems. i think the most serious one was the one at the exxon mobile refinery that seemed to be sort of the straw that broke the camels back. and that is when prices jump took off. >> reporter: analysts say california's gas is at the lowest level in ten years. what doesn't help is the states strict pollution. while prices here in the bay area are high it's even higher in los angeles with some stations have actually passed the $5 mark. a few of the station owners have actually shut down the pumps rather than charging the higher price to break even. reporting live in san jose janine de la vega ktvu channel 2 news. >>> in election news this morning republican presidential nominee mitt romney is talking about his controversial comments on the 47%. >> i was completely wrong. and i believe however that my life has shown that i care about it 100%. >> video surfaced of romney showi
improvements at the chevron oil refinery. the refinery was the scene of an august fire that prompted 15,000 people to seek hospital treatment out of concern they breathed in toxic smoke. meanwhile the city council passed a resolution yesterday setting tougher requirements for chevron as it rebuilds the fire damaged crude unit. >>> 6:05. a little check of weather and traffic and i'm told lawrence is tired of the heat so he is going to cool it down for us. >> wish i had that control. [ laughter ] >> it's just a few days of a heat wave so we can bear through it. today we are going to start to cool down the temperatures. the sea breeze is going to be kicking in. a little hazy out the door and fairly mild in many spots. 56 degrees in san jose. 66 right now in mountain view. and 56 degrees in san rafael. by the afternoon, that ridge going to weaken somewhat. and that means we are going to see a stronger sea breeze kicking in. that sea breeze likely to carry with it low clouds and fog. in fact the fog is just starting to make its way into the monterey bay bay area. mid-90s inland. 70s and 80s
. aaa explains. there are three refineries with problems right now the chevron refinery is still recovering from its fire in august. there is a power outage at a exxon refinery. all of these issues are slowing down production. don't expect the prices to drop down any time soon. what makes this price jumps so unusual because we are already passed the labor day weekend. this is usually when you see the gas prices go down because no one is travelling. we are not seen this happening. we do not expect the gas prices to go down any time soon. >> with gas prices are rising the gas price a locator on kron .com. once you're on kron 4 .com scroll down to info and alert. if you will see a gas prices late and then a bay area map will pop up. just click on a price and it will show you the station's location. if you scroll down to see a area that says prius keep scrolling down and you will come to the lowest price section. with prices spiked and again we are making this super easy for you to find the least expensive gas around. i am grant lotus this is kron 4 news. around. i am grant lotus thi
. at this chevron people were complaining about a 20-cent jump overnight on tuesday. since that time it's gone up another 40 cents. some stations themselves are running on empty. refinery has begun. several costcos have locked up pumps after running out of gas. >> i came to get gas and it's not here. >> reporter: supply is down because a power surge knocked a refinery offline. it's not the only one. conoco phillips are undergoing maintenance. a crude oil pipeline is shut down due to safety problems and the refinery in richmond still hasn't recovered from the fire in august. brace your wallets. >> we have never seen a spike like this. this is new territory. >> reporter: mike has to sell regular unleaded at $4.89 a gallon just to stay afloat. he locked up the pumps because it looked like he was gouging customers. >> i can't afford to pay bills right now. >> reporter: in the bay area prices are up 20 to 30 cents. it's cost the business an extra $700 this week. >> as a person that's in the middle class it's very hard to try to save and have a family in the bay area and keep paying these prices. >> re
the chevron refinery fire that happened back in august. a group is gathered right now near the refinery, holding the rally. after marching to the station to this point. you're looking at live images from newschopper 2. we're going to focus it on the group that appears to be blocking the street. this scene is taking place on the right-hand side of 580 as you're just about to cross the richmond-san rafael bridge. this one intersection does appear to be closed off. the fire, when it happened, sent a big toxic cloud over the city of richmond. as a result, thousands of residents went to the hospital in the next few days with respiratory problems. residents are submitting a list of demands to chevron and that list includes reduced emission as well as better air quality monitoring. >>> so fleet week is underway with the blue angels overhead. the navy is showing off an amphibious vehicle. >> i'm very impressed by the size of it, the ability to carry emergency vehicles, from trucks to generators, and all the things we might need in a disaster we hope we never have. >> the mayor was impressed by
of protesters marched to the chevron refinery in richmond to talk about their complaints with the company's management. >> the marchers called on chevron to stop refining high sulfur crude. they also demanded more safety oversight as the damaged parts of the refinery are rebuilt. >> they're not going to do it by ourselves, unless we and all our allies come forward and hold their feet to the fire, like they held our throats to the fire, they're not going to change. we have to make them change. >> a letter outlining their demands, and promised to reply from management in about a week. >>> police say someone threw rocks at cars on an east bay highway. we'll tell you where it is, and how many vehicles have been hit. >> at 10:30, a special report. you could decide the fate of these inmates in november. the move that could end california's death count. >>> coming up in 90 seconds, what caused the transit officer to shoot at a man at the height of rush hour. >>> new at 10:00, a double homicide in vallejo. police have one man in custody, following the fatal shooting of two others. it happened in
but a problem unique to the state. california is dealing with suplay challenges. the fire at the chevron in richmond caused lower production and a fire in la recently. california's gasoline inventories are at the lowest levels in ten years. people we spoke to had they own opinions. >> they give us the wantings, we heard about it. who knows, i don't know, what is the reason for it? bottom line is my i'm not making more money but paying more in gas, continuesly. particularly in california. it's really bad. >> reporter: take a look at what is happening in san jose. a week ago regular unleaded costs $4.16 a gallon. yesterday $4.38 a gallon. today the average climbed up to $4.54 a gallon. that means that the jump of $0.38 in just a week. the prices are high in the bay area, in la, the prices are even higher and several stations there it's gone over $5 a gallon and some station owners are shutting down the pumps because they don't want to charge customers the higher prices just to break even. if you are looking for the cheapest gas prices, find them,, click on business on the top bann
't forget, we have the special blue angels show. >> 3:00 p.m. here. >>> a community protest against chevron was held in richmond. you remember we brought the story live as it had huge plumes of smoke into the air and it sent people to the area h ospitals. we have video as marchers took their cause to the gates. up to the front of the refinery. they demanded compensation and the installation of a monitoring system and they say chevron needs to pay its fair share of taxes as well. >>> it's 5:36. when we come back, we'll have more headlines for you, all of the news. here's the san mateo bridge. problems with bart as we're t alking about delays. if you take bart, he'll have an update coming up. # major delays out of the east bay into san francisco and down to s fo and from richmond into premont. a piece of equipment was stuck on the tracks for 60 minutes. they're likely to persist for a while and through the morning commute. >>> 5:40 now and the developing story. police are in thing two murders overnight and that marks the 35th and 36th homicide of this year in san jose. live on the scene with
. >> reporter: the fire-crippled richmond chevron refinery means less gas will be getting to market for months to come. and a major problematic chevron crude oil pipe loin into the bay area has been shut down. >> so when we see a disruption in the pipeline bringing crude in, that fairly quickly starts showing up in a disruption in the production at those refineries. >> reporter: plus, a power failure at a southern california exxon refinery severely hampered its production. several planned maintenance shutdowns are in the works. some refineries are cutting back on production, preparing to change over to winter gasoline blends and an improving economy means speculators know that more people are or will soon be using more fuel. >> the combination means we're pretty short on gasoline right now. and the result, of course, is prices are sky rocketing. >> reporter: the alternative to the very real possibility of $5 gas is very, very simple. import non-carb gas. >> california energy commission can allow non-carb gasoline, gasoline that doesn't meet the california standard to be sold in california. >>
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against the chevron refinery in richmond was held yesterday. that refinery sight caught fire in august. huge platforms of toxic smoke sent tens of thousands of people to the hospital. this was the scene yesterday. you can see it in the video. a lot of folks with signs, right there off the gates of the chevron refinery. they were demanding more community compensation from chevron, more worker safety. and say chevron needs to pay its fair share of taxes. >>> meanwhile, an east bay community still in shock after a middle school teacher accused of molesting a former student found dead in his car in an apparent suicide. the father of james izumazaki is too upset to talk to him but there will be a public memorial for the 28-year-old in coming saturday from 10:00 to noon in memorial park in albany. the father says it's very difficult for the family and wish people would respect their privacy. >>> police in antioch are investigating a series of attacks on drivers along highway 4. antioch police say a man went to the hospital thursday night, 10:00 after he was hit by a foreign object that wen
. with august fire at the richmond refinery. and the chevron pipeline problem and a power problem at a ianother location. however, this person does not buy this. >> we have more supply we are not having a shortage. >> in fact the spike in gas prices is a crisis without a cause. >> this is in some form of demand. we do not have an identifiable cause. >> there is no price fixing going on but he says that it is time for the federal government to look into it. >> supply is up, demand is down. we are going to launch an investigation on what is going on commission to investigate. so far, the federal trade commission has not followed through. dan kerman, kron 4. >> when gasoline prices are soaring. it is a great indicator to find the best prices. scroll information and alerts. you will see gas prices and click on that. and you will see that it will locate your neighborhood. literally, it will be the cheapest and you can shoechoose -- and another section that will show price trends. and to keep scrolling. this is really simple. the lowest price in san francisco, the north ba
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they are gonna march to chevron's refinery in richmond. coming up at 7:45, what they will demand after that huge refinery fire back in august. >>> and today is national walk and roll to school day. you may notice more students walking and riding bikes to call -- school. students and parents plan to take part in the event. the goal, to reduce pollution and promote healthy habits. >>> sal, you are watching the toll plaza. >> that's right. let's go outside and take a look at what we have right now. you will see the traffic continues to be relatively slow, i would say, it's backed up for a 30-minute delay before you make it on the span itself. if you are driving on the -- the approach to 80 is slow. 880 is not bad. we've been talking about this all morning since we started at 4:30, there is a very important as game at the coliseum. it starts at 12:45. it should be over at 4:00. that means there will be a tough commute right here on the nimitz freeway. and if you are driving further south on 8 0, it will be slower. then a -- 880, it will be slower. 7:39. let's go to steve. >>> thank you. a very good
th fire at the chevron refinery it left one of our largest refineries producing at partial capacity. we have a chevron pipeline that moves crude oil and northern california that has been shut down. it is up a dollar a gallon for crude oil, that is what the cassations pay for. expect the prices to continue to raise. >> albany's police chief... >> even though the teacher has committed suicide the case will move forward. a lot of people are still angry at the police department for him being arrested. they swear the police department made a mistake when arrested james is in the psych. he is 28 and ht albany middle school for a while. he was found inside a car earlier this week. there was a note but they're not releasing what he wrote in that note. >> is 7:08 a.m. here is a i moved to new york to work in fashion. i came here with just and luckily i found an apartment just three blocks away from t.j.maxx, which was perfect because i needed everything and i still needed to make rent. t.j.maxx is such a great place cause i know when i go in there i'm gonna score. they've got such great deal
of production in california that started with the august chevron refinery fire in richmond and peaked with more problems this week. >> gas prices have gone up crazy this week. >> reporter: in santa clara we met with the president of robinson oil which opens rotten robbie the gas station. >> over the last week there's been a couple of other problems. one of them was the refinery fire that seemed to be the straw that broke the camels back. >> reporter: some drivers have their doubts. >> come on, we've been through this before. i think that's a lot of crock but that's just my opinion. i don't believe that. >> reporter: prices may continue to rise but they should start to drop once the refineries get back to their normal production level. in fremont, i'm john sasaki. >>> more details now on the jump at gas prices at the pump. in san jose a gallon of regular unleaded is averaging $4.37. in oakland it's a little cheaper at $4.34. in san francisco drivers are paying the most at an average of $4.43 a gallon. >>> the santa clara coroner believed that a foot that washed up belonged to a missing hiker fro
. >> the explanation this time is due to a shortage due to the fire at the chevron factory. there was also a power failure in southern california. the energy consultants say they do not buy it. >> we are not have a shortage. in fact he stated that this is a crisis without a cause. this has to be a form of gaming. he is not ready to say that there is price fixing or collusion going on but he did state that the government should look into it. this is a good time to launch an investigation. the governor of california has called on an investigation to see why the prices have risen but so far no action has been taken. >> we will be bringing you gas prize checks all around the area. some of the gas stations are showing there is pressure is up by at least 20%. >> this is ridiculous that it went up almost overnight. i just cannot believe it. i do not want to have to spend this much money on gas. i am not driving anywhere. >> with gas prices going down if you go scoring. click k or on kron 4 .com and you can find out exactly where this gas prices located. if you click on price trend you will see the lowe
. and the chevron pipeline problem and a power problem at a another location. however, this person does not buy this. >> we have more supply we are not having a shortage. >> in fact the spike in gas prices is a crisis without a cause. >> this is in some form of demand. we do not have an identifiable cause. >> there is no price fixing going on but he says that it is time for the federal government to look into it. down. we are going to launch an investigation on what is going on commission to investigate. so far, the prices in the bay area are so high! and 445 higher. the last time state-wide, it is also causing some stations to close down in the southern california. these price increases are expected to increase. >> this volleyball coach is in jail saying that he had a sexual relationship with a student. the alleged was taken into custody. he is a coach at this a real light high school in lafayette. allegedly, he carried on a relationship at this -- area high-school in lafayette. they have a difficult time believing mess. >> just be kethis believing- it is difficult to believe this because it is a c
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Search Results 0 to 22 of about 23 (some duplicates have been removed)